Mobile Light Tower Improvements For Remote Northern Usage

For example an electrician working in northern Alberta, Canada who specializes in the setup and maintenance of leasing light towers, I’ve seen more than my share of completely preventable gear failures.

It’s just been in the past dozen or so years that these trailer mounted light towers are very commonplace at the north’s booming oil and gas business, also in bitterly cold, daylight starved areas generally.

Originally mobile light systems were hailed as a security and productivity godsend, and rightfully so. In industries that run 24/7 no matter weather or light conditions, permitting the fast rising amount of employees to maintain security and production at regular daylight levels from the 16 hour nights was enticing. These comparatively inexpensive, modest, and allegedly durable machines have been purchased in huge quantities from by both gear rental businesses and end consumers as demand quickly increased.

Unfortunately it was soon found that there were several severe issues. The overall structure materials and methods utilized when constructing the towers had been found to be lacking in crucial regions which makes them equally not able to traveling the rough streets without harm, or function reliably in harsh weather conditions together with -40 degree temperatures trivial.

The portable light tower producers had been in operation for decades in the USA. Understandably, during the years these rival makers are becoming quite aggressive with one another on a price basis. Therefore, light towers have been constructed with the minimal necessary materials to function from the mostly urban and relatively mild climates located in the majority of the USA. As a nod to the chilly northern climates, the little petrol engines were equipped with electrical blocks heaters before shipping. Engineers who made the gear were completely unfamiliar with all the brutal conditions that their creations could face from the north and were in for a struggle.