Personalized Sports Bottle Promotions Combat That The Environmental Risks Of Bottled Water

The environmental dangers and health risks of drinking bottled water are creating the evening news and the front pages of papers across the nation. Adding a personalized sports bottle on your next marketing is a clever, timely, environmentally aware, and environmentally friendly means to publicize your message.

The health dangers of BPA (or Bisphenol A) along with also the DEHP (Bis 2-ethylhexyl phthalate) on developing fetuses, babies and children are extensively dispersed across the press for the past couple of decades. Who’d have thought something as benign called bottled water could lead to miscarriage, birth defects such as genital deformities, impotency, child obesity, thyroid disorders, and irregular dopamine action leading to hyperactivity, and increased risk of prostate and breast cancer. Nevertheless drinking bottled water isn’t only a health threat; it’s among the most environmentally destructive practices of this 21st century.

Here are only a few details about bottled water:

1. 40% of bottled water is only bottled tap water.

2. The quantity of oil used annually to generate disposable Bottles may fuel a million automobiles. That doesn’t include the quantity of fuel used to send these Nalgene Bottles out of far off places like Polynesia to the regional corner shop.

3. Almost 80 percent of plastic water bottles aren’t recycled. And several of those who are, get sent across the seas to areas like India and China where waste management regulations are stricter than in the United States.

4. Bottled water is subject to much fewer health regulations compared to tap water. In 2006, Fiji Water started running advertisements demonstrating that their product doesn’t come in Cleveland. The City of Cleveland made a decision to test their tap water from Fiji bottled water also found that Cleveland tap water contained fewer impurities, had been high grade, as well as won public preference evaluations against Fiji water.

5. Bottled water prices up to 2000 percent over tap water.

6. Corporate Accountability International estimates that American municipalities spend over $70 million per year to landfill bottles.

7. In 2006, the US Geological Survey concluded that over 80 percent of those bass in the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers were ‘intersexual’ together with all the men creating their own eggs. Similar results are discovered in deserts around the world. The reason is thought to function as BPA and DEHP contamination from plastics.